Beard Gift Set UK
Beard Gift Set UK
Beard Gift Set UK
Beard Gift Set UK
Beard Gift Set UK
Beard Gift Set UK
Beard Gift Set UK

Beard Gift Set

All-In-One Beard Care Kit with Wooden Beard/Hair Comb and Two Beard Balms (Cedarwood and Sandalwood - 1oz)

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  • THE PERFECT GIFT - Treat yourself or someone else with all the essentials for maintaining a healthy beard
  • BEARD CARE MADE EASY - Easy-to-use beard comb and beard balms work together help to detangle, straighten and soften your beard
  • FOR ALL BEARD TYPES - Short or long, straight or curly, this beard care kit is suitable for all beard and hair types
  • ALL-IN-ONE KIT - Comes with our best-selling Cedarwood and Sandalwood beard balm and Pearwood beard comb
  • The Ultimate Beard Survival Kit - Perfect for Beginners and Long Time Growers

    Men love being in control of their surroundings and a dry, unruly beard can be a nightmare to control. This kit includes two scented beard balms, Cedarwood and Sandalwood, as well as a pearwood beard comb to provide you with the beard control you need to keep your beard looking great throughout the day. This kit is perfect for beginner beard growers as well as well as experienced growers looking to maintain the health and shape of their beard.

    Natural Ingredients & Essential Oils to Hydrate & Protect Your Beard

    Our Balms are packed full of natural ingredients and essential oils like Shea Butter, Bees Wax, Grapeseed Oil, Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil & Rosemary Leaf Extract to hydrate and protect your beard and face. Feel good knowing you're maintaining your beard using natural ingredients.

    Detangle & Straighten Hairs

    The included beard comb helps to detangle and straighten hairs. Unlike plastic combs that can create static, its solid pearwood construction means that it's naturally anti-static and won't cause beard hairs to stray. A comb is perfect for styling your beard before and after applying your favorite balm.

    Ultimate Beard Care Portability

    The 1oz balms fit perfectly in your pockets, glove box, gym bag or a drawer at the office. Their solid aluminum tins with screw-top lids means they will never accidentally open. The slim design of the beard comb means it fits perfectly in your pockets, making it perfect for on the go grooming of both your beard and hair.


    • 1 x Pearwood Beard Comb
    • 1 x 1 OZ Sandalwood Beard Balm
    • 1 x 1 OZ Cedarwood Beard Balm
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