Our Story – Rocky Mountain Barber Company UK | Men's Grooming Inspired By Nature


Rocky Mountain Barber Company was born out of a belief that the men’s grooming industry was in desperate need of change. We’ve always believed that hair is more than just hair, and that it’s how you present yourself to the world. We’ve always felt that behind every beard, mustache and head of hair is a story, and we wanted to be the ones to tell it. We are outdoorsmen by nature—we love hiking, camping, fishing, boarding—all that. We knew there were better solutions out there for taming the wildest of hair that comes with an active lifestyle.


In 2014, we channeled our inner lumberjack to embark on a journey to create an epic men’s grooming company. One that was inspired by nature, valued natural materials and ingredients, and emphasized quality over quantity every time.


We are so thankful to have so many Rocky Mountain Barber fans out there. We promise to continue innovating, telling your stories, and sharing the love.